Boost your kayak, paddleboard, or light inflatable with a jet drive!

A Bixpy Jet Drive makes light watercraft adventures easy for novices and gives those with paddling experience a chance to explore new places, a safe way to get home quickly when needed, and the extra power to fight a current.

If you are a yacht owner, the Bixpy Jet, attached to your light watercraft, can get you to shore while your boat is at anchor, take you to all the nooks and crannies to be explored nearby, and power you to a neighboring boat for docktails.


From kayaks to paddleboards to light inflatables, there is an attachment or adapter that allows you to easily attach a Bixpy Jet Drive to virtually any light watercraft you can imagine. You can event detach your Bixpy Jet from your watercraft to boost your swimming, diving or snorkeling adventures with the handheld battery pack that turns it into the ultimate diver propulsion vehicle.


With a compact design and lithium batteries that will run your Bixpy Jet drive for hours, adding a Bixpy Jet Drive to your next water adventure is not only a great way to explore, but a great way to add a layer of safety to your trip. There is nothing tougher than having to fight current, wind or a changing tide after a long day on the water. Knowing you have the option to assist your trip back home is the greatest feeling of safety and security.

Because the Bixpy Jet Drives have impellers instead of propellers, you can safely use them around kids and pets and not worry about hurting anyone. In addition, the thrusters have multiple auto shut off mechanisms that will prevent them from accidental starts, over heating and running loose.


The Bixpy Jet Drive uses clean electric energy with zero emissions and no pollutants going into our waterways. The thrusters are 100% sealed and run on rechargeable lithium batteries, so you can use them in sensitive waterways without worrying about polluting the water.

And since the Bixpy Jet is a direct drive thruster, it is whisper quiet and won't disrupt your fishing trips or sound like you're running a tank underwater!

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